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cPanel Hosting

Some of the most sought-after hosting plans often involve cPanel.

cpanel hosting

In recent years, cPanel hosting Australia plans have skyrocketed. Everyone seems to want a plan, but is it for you?

If you are investing in a hosting package with the cPanel suite, it’s best to choose a local package. This article explains what cPanel is and where you can find the best cPanel hosting plans in Australia.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is essentially a control panel for editing your website over the internet. This tool was originally designed in 1997 and has been going strong since. The control panel suite is written in Perl, a well-known programming language.

There are other sites that offer users the ability to manage their sites conveniently. Not all of them have a simplified graphical interface like cPanel. This control panel is Linux-based, meaning you can’t use it with windows hosting providers.

Not all hosting packages include cPanel as a tool. If you do get it, managing your website will be much easier.

With cPanel, you become the “end user” that controls your end of a Unix server. The control panel is tier-based. Different individuals can get different levels of access. The administrators can control who gets what level of access.

You don’t need to download a separate program to run cPanel. It allows you to control various aspects of your website directly from the browser. You can easily access cPanel controls by typing in /cpanel after the hostname. You can access it on Port 2083 as well.

cPanel is usually auto-installed with hosting plans. It’s available in dedicated formats for certain content management systems. For example, there’s a separate cPanel support just for WordPress sites.

When cPanel is offered with a CMS like WordPress, it enhances certain advantages the platform offers. For example, with WordPress, you can easily manage multiple domain names, email accounts, and databases the CMS offers.

Users should be aware that cPanel is not available for free. You have to pay for it in addition to your hosting plan costs. You can try the software for free for a limited time with the trial version. The company offers discounted prices for certain non-profit organizations or educational institutions.

Benefits of Using cPanel Hosting

cPanel remains the most popular hosting control panel even with plenty of other brands offering similar programs.

One of the top reasons why cPanel is widely used is because the interface is very easy to use. You don’t need prior knowledge to start using cPanel. In fact, it’s designed in a way for even a novice to easily understand. You can start using cPanel even if you have never designed a website in your life.

The control panel is highly user-friendly and efficient compared to custom-made ones. Custom control panels are available via web hosts, companies, or even content management systems. However, most custom control panels vary in difficulty. Some may require programmer-style knowledge to use. cPanel is not esoteric in this manner.

cPanel is also highly compatible with commonly used CMS platforms and hosting providers. It’s popularly available with SiteGround and it has its own WordPress managing plans. You can use cPanel with any WordPress account except for managed WordPress plans, which offers their own back-end control.

You can expect a varied selection of features from cPanel to make managing your website highly convenient and pain-free. With a single control panel, you can control all portions of the site, including things like links features and email. You can even upload new files without having to rely on additional software.

You can also use cPanel to transfer data between accounts, as long as the second account is hosted on a cPanel compatible server. This is a major advantage cPanel offer over competitors. Other custom control panels usually don’t offer migration for free. cPanel doesn’t charge extra for data transfers between accounts. As a result, the risk of data loss is very low.

You can customise your cPanel interface as you like to make it even simpler to use. You can improve either productivity or make your cPanel interface more visually pleasing. Remember that cPanel is web-based, meaning you can access it on any computer or a handheld device with an internet connection.

Here is a summary of the benefits cPanel offers:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Free data migration between compatible accounts
  • Optimised for CMS like WordPress
  • Simple and efficient controls
  • Perform a myriad of tasks to manage your online account
  • Tier-based access

cPanel Hosting Providers in Australia

cPanel Hosting is Popularly offered in Australia. Here is a list of some of the best web hosting services that offer cPanel packages:


Though not based in Australia, SiteGround is an immensely popular web hosting company in the country. The company offers a number of reasonably priced packages, including cPanel plans. SiteGround offers top-notch Linux server support, which facilitates cPanel software even better. The company even has a data centre in Singapore, so you can be assured of speedy services. SiteGround offers 24/7 customer support, including some tech support, for all plan users. Plus, the web host is recommended for WordPress users.

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT is a local web hosting provider owned by the ARQ Group. They offer cPanel hosting plans for small to medium-sized business. The company’s cPanel packages aren’t cheap, but they offer excellent perks that Australian customers can appreciate. Their cPanel starter plan starts around $15 and the business plan starts around $27 per month. The company also offers annual plans. You can try out the service for free for a no-obligation 30-day trial.

VentraIP Australia

Ventral IP is an Australian web host that offers Australian customer support to local customers. They offer exclusive cPanel hosting plans starting at prices as low as $7 a month. These plans are suited for both individual and business owners. The web host offers a premier cPanel plan for high-traffic websites starting at $27 a month, a bargain for most enterprise users. Each plan comes with unlimited add-ons, parked domains, databases, and email accounts.

You can choose any cPanel package that suits your needs the best. You will have a marked advantage with local web hosts because the servers will be located near the customers, which means minimal risk of lag. Also, you can benefit from local customer support services, among other perks that only local companies offer.