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Godaddy Review

GoDaddy Australia has been a boon to people like me who are very challenged by technology, and need constant support in order to progress with their business and work plan.

godaddy australia

Godaddy Australia came on the scene in April 2015, in fact April fools day, great day to launch. It featured adds of a well known Actor selling his homemade sauce on his Godaddy website.


What Godaddy Australia did is to become a one stop shop for the website and this had never been done here before. The web hosting services included everything needed to build a website designs and sale and transfer of Domains when they are no longer required. You can also purchase a matching email which will make your website look more professional.

Building Your Website

Godaddy walks you step by step through building your website. If you have never built a website before it is a good idea to keep it simple, you can always add to it later. The good thing is you have 24 hour support, and there is always someone to talk you through whatever the problem that arises. Once you have finished creating your website using the built in editor and templates you can go ahead and publish it. From that time your site goes live. Once your site is published you will be ready to move forward with your business and you may even decide to establish a blog which will also be linked to your website. There are also privacy protection options, and I had a reminder from Godaddy about increasing mine, which turned out to be timely advice.

Godaddy Australia

I really like the emails and communications that I frequently receive from Godaddy, I have learned such a lot from reading the emails they send on a regular basis, reminding us how to keep our business active during Covid-19 shutdown. Keep communication open to reassure our customers. The customer wants to know that their safety is being addressed and that their fears are unfounded.

They also remind us to keep communicating through social media, and as this is such an influential medium this is good advice. The more channels you can communicate through the better, especially if you have been closed for a while.

If you are looking for a more premium web host, try out WPX Host.

GoDaddy Australia Website

It is important to go through and edit your website which is probably looking tired following shutdown. Update your listing profiles to reflect the latest information, for example your hours of operation may have changed. Yesterday I went to a local business who was not doing any over the counter transactions. If this had been on the website it would have saved me a drive. So keep your website relevant and update your opening times. You may even need to include some images of your business with staff wearing masks as it makes the client feel safer. If you have a business which is totally online and you never see a client face to face your life should be a lot easier, as the clients should not have stopped contacting you. However a lot of people are out of work and in many cases are loath to spend money. So it is best to keep your marketing campaign going.

Growth of Websites in Australia

Over the last few years there has been a huge growth in online business and websites associated with them. Since the Covid-19 lockdown even more people have opened their own business online. The success of many of these new ventures will often depend on how active they are in advertising and promoting themselves and this is where it is a good idea to have the support of an established company like Godaddy Australia, I find that they have some quite good offers for various products and services which are useful and without receiving the offers I would not even think about these products, apps, office 365.

Godaddy Australia Website Support

When you are working remotely and not linked to other people in the work place it is sometimes difficult to know where and how to solve your technical problems. This is where I feel that I am going to need the ongoing support of Godaddy for my websites and blog for a long time. They are the only real support available to me and fortunately I have not had too many serious issues, but I know that I can contact them when required and a couple of times one of the Godaddy support team has called me for an update on my progress, which I thought was really kind. I did not know anything about business listings or business profiles, and I am now learning about them. I am currently working on an email list to send out a list of my new services to clients. I find all the products they offer are a good price and the fact that they often have special offers is useful.

GoDaddy Australia Blog

The blog is an extremely useful way of communicating information and staying in touch with certain clients. I use mine for Educational purposes and getting out some fresh content which may be useful to others. I have linked it to my Godaddy website and am becoming quite addicted to it, it is not expensive and only costs around $3 a month. Because I do a lot of research there is always something new to write about. Many people are blogging

commercially about all sorts of things. I have just been read a frugality blog which appears to have gained a lot of followers. Had not realized that there are so many ways to save money! Some of the blogs are highly motivating and quite inspiring.


I have nothing but praise for Godaddy Australia, as without their support I would never have entered this whole new world of online working and blogging and many other people have said the same thing to me. Great people, easy to use products and lots of communication. What more could you ask for.