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InMotion Review

You’ve probably heard about InMotion before – it is a well-known American company.

inmotion australia

Our InMotion hosting review talks about the many features you get when working with it. We also take a look at who the web host is.

Who Is InMotion?

It is a hosting service that has been around for 19 years.

It’s older than certain alternatives – Crucial and WPX. When you work with the company, you’re getting a variety of great services. It is known to be jam-packed with features.

It’s not expensive, but there are competitors which are cheaper. There are discounts available frequently but come with conditions. For example, you might only be able to save 20% if you choose a 2-year plan.

The company has expert customer service and continues to grow. It’s arguably one of the largest web hosts in the US. It’s no surprise that it boasts over satisfied 25,000 users.

The company was founded by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson. They created the platform to help small businesses grow. As of now, they have over 300 employees and have offices across the United States. The venture has been profitable and successful. It’s up to you to decide if you want to get on board with them.


The hosting service has a good reputation. That’s why it regularly audits itself, finding any screws in is gears. As it’s reputed, you know you’re not getting scammed. Unfortunately, smaller web-hosts are known to do this.

Customer Support

If you need help, you probably won’t have to contact a representative. The platform has an in-depth information center. Not only does it remedy issues, but there are tutorials for users to follow. If the center is not your cup of tea, there are live chats as well. You’ll be speaking to industry experts who take a maximum of 30 seconds to reply.

You can also get in touch through email, call, and ticket system. You don’t have to worry about rude support reps – those we spoke to were always willing to help.

InMotion not only has great customer support but great policies too. It has an impressive 90-day money-back guarantee. Many of its competitors fall short. The only web host that outdoes it is DreamHost, which offers a 97-day guarantee.


When it comes to uptimes, the closer to 100% the better. They represent how often your site will stay up. You’ll be pleased to know that InMotion offers a 99.9% uptime. The hosting service guarantees that you’ll experience it no matter the package you choose.


The platform covers a range of hosting needs. The pricing depends on the package you choose. If you want to go for WordPress hosting, there are 4 subscriptions. Here are their monthly prices:

  • WP-1000S – AUD 9.77
  • WP-2000S – AUD 13.97
  • WP- 3000S – AUD 18.16
  • WP-4000S – AUD 27.95

As you can imagine, each plan comes with different features.

There is shared and VPS hosting as well. Here are the prices for shared hosting:

  • Launch – AUD 8.38
  • Power – AUD 12.57
  • PRO – AUD 20.96

And here are the subscription plans for VPS hosting:

  • VPS–1000HA-S – AUD 34.86
  • VPS–2000HA-S – AUD 68.51
  • VPS–3000HA-S – AUD 117.44

If you’re thinking of taking the leap, know that payments are very secure. The site protects purchases through HTTPS and SSL. You can pay with your credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or selected e-wallet. Don’t forget what we said about its money-back guarantee.

Website Building

You won’t be setting your site up yourself. You’ll be contacted by a member of the InMotion team. We were surprised by how quickly they called us. The representative on the line was very helpful. You’ll be asked what you want for your site. You’ll then be emailed the appropriate materials to build it.

To start building, you’ll need a separate login and password. Once at work, you’ll realize that the process is quite straightforward. However, the end-product may not be to your liking – the platform doesn’t offer very diverse themes. Of course, the building is easy. Everything is drag-and-drop.

When you choose WordPress hosting, you’re automatically able to build sites. You’ll be able to build one domain on the basic plan, 2 on the plan above it, and 6 for the highest subscription. Whichever one you choose, you get a free domain name.

You might now want to build the website yourself. You can get one of the platform’s expert designers to do it for you. It’ll be done in 2 business days. It won’t be free – you’ll be spending AUD 138.42 for the service.

WordPress Hosting

You’re already familiar with its WordPress Hosting. With the WP-1000S package, you’ll be able to handle 20,000 maximum monthly visitors. You’ll get 50 GB of SSD storage, unlimited email accounts for your team, and a dedicated staging area.

In terms of the WP-4000S plan, you will be able to handle a maximum of 300,000 monthly visitors. You’ll get 200 GB of SSD storage, the ability to make unlimited email accounts, a free dedicated IP as well as an Opcode Cache pool.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the superior choice. You won’t be sharing resources with other sites. This allows webpages to load faster. If you want to get hold of the hosting, the web service offers you 2 options– they are either managed VPS hosting or Self-managed Cloud VPS. To make things easy, think about the former as the InMotion team doing everything for you.

The VPS-1000HA-S package comes with 4 GB of RAM, 75 GB of storage space, 4 TB of Bandwidth, and a free SSL. The VPS-3000HA- S subscription comes with 8 Gigs of RAM, 260 GB of storage, 6 TB of bandwidth, and free SSLs.  We have something to say about the SSL certificates, but we’ll discuss it in the point below.

Shared VPS Hosting

We’re not huge fans of Shared Hosting. Sites using it tend to be slow. You can think of it as websites sharing resources in an apartment. If one is affected by heavy traffic, they all are.

In terms of the $8.38 Launch plan, you get 2 websites, 50 GB of SSD and unlimited bandwidth. You can’t make unlimited email accounts – you’ll be able to make 10. It only comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but there’s a pretty easy-to-use cPanel.

If you’re thinking about using the Pro package, you’ll be able to host 100 websites. You’ll be getting 200 GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, the ability to make unlimited email accounts, NGINX caching and so much more.

Regardless of the subscription you choose, you get access to free SSLs and domain registrations. You’re probably aware that there are many SSL certificates available. We, unfortunately, have no idea what the ones InMotion are. If they’re not the most secure, your site could get hacked.

We’re disappointed that its plans don’t offer DDoS protection. Competitors like WPX provide Incapsula with their packages. Incapsula is arguably the best DDoS mitigator around.


Many hosting services charge you to transfer sites to their platform. You won’t be facing this issue with InMotion. You’ll either get a free domain or transfer depending on the package you choose.


If you want to add an eShop page, you will be able to. The option isn’t freely available, unfortunately. You can only do this if you have a Premium Web Builder package. The store will be quite simple. However, you can download OpenCard for free and get a more complex-looking shop. Know that the company doesn’t let you add too many payment options.


For WordPress sites, you can include a Succuri plugin into them. This helps keep malware at bay. The free SSL certificates available may not be to your liking. Luckily, you can purchase others. They come with dedicated IPs.

Final Thoughts

There are many plans to choose from, and they all come with different features. We believe they’re superb for how much you’re paying – but are they the best? You’ll find alternatives for better prices.

InMotion has a reputation to uphold. It is known as one of the best hosts in the world. That’s why it is constantly improving itself. It’s no surprise that you get expert customer service. We were glad to see live chats offered as well. We were especially thrilled by how in-depth its information center was.

The web service lets you build sites, or you can get an expert from its team to do the work for you. When building one yourself, you’ll have a team member providing you with the tools and guides to bring your vision to life.

If you have a preexisting site, you’ll glad that you can transfer it to the platform for free. However, this depends on the package you choose.

You can pick between shared, VPS, or WordPress hosting. It also comes with features that help online retailers.

Overall, InMotion is one of our favorites’. If you’re thinking of utilizing its services, you’re making the right move.