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Wix Review

It was commonly accepted that the only people that could build sites were coders – until services like Wix came around.

wix australia

Our Wix review Australia gives you an in-depth look at the web-service for Aussies. You’ll also find out why you should choose them over their competitors.

Who Is Wix?

The web-service not only lets you build sites, but lets you host it on the World Wide Web. No, you won’t be coding – you’ll be using premade templates. The platform uses drag-and-drop mechanisms, which makes the building process easier.

Wix has been around since 2006. It is arguably the most famous building service around. It boasts 100 million users from 190 different countries.

The service is used to create various sites. It’s especially known for its professional ones. There are over 500 stunning templates for you to design with.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how the platform performs in certain aspects.


If you’re looking for a provider to create a website with, look for one that has a great reputation. However, there are many web-building sites around. Some are scams, but you won’t have to worry about this with Wix. Wix regularly advertises and use celebrities to promote its campaigns. It has over 100 million users which is a testament to how reputed it is.

Not only does the platform have an amazing reputation, but it is quite secure as well. Servers are hosted by the company itself. When making payments, everything is encrypted as well.

Remember that Wix is a global company. It’s constantly trying to improve itself.


You can use the service for free. This might not be the best choice, though. You’ll be forced to run the company’s adverts on your site. You won’t have a good domain name either – it’ll be a Wix subdomain. A free account also comes with fewer features than a paid one.

If you want to utilize a paid plan, you’ll realize its price is not too high, but won’t be competitive. The VIP plan costs AUD 35.50 a month – it is their most expensive one. Their “connect domain” subscription is the cheapest and costs AUD 6.44 every 30 days. Yes, the features you’ll be getting depends on the subscription you choose.

The “Connect Domain” plan only comes with:

  • 1 GB bandwidth
  • 500 MB of storage
  • Ability to connect your domain online

If you’re contemplating using the free version, know that your site might not be successful. Google is not a fan of websites that don’t have primary domain names. You also won’t get integration with Google Analytics.

One of the things we love about Wix is that it offers discounts for its plans. The longer you sign up to one, the better your discount will be.


If you want to build a great-looking domain, work with Wix. It comes with many design templates. They’re immense but are not as diverse as Square Space’s options.

We’re major fans of the company’s Artificial Design Intelligence. It handles much of the leg-work of creating a site, with an algorithm. You’ll be astonished by how fast it makes the designing process.

The design of a Wix site takes into account the type of browsers users are using. It also adapts to their devices. If your browser is optimized for a disability, the site will optimize itself.

If you just created an account on the platform, you’ll find a 5-minute in-depth tutorial the moment you sign up. You might not need a tutorial to work with the site – everything is drag and drop. This is as the editor is unstructured. Although it makes things easier, it won’t be automatic. If you’re changing a picture in the mobile editor, you’ll have to do so on your computer too.

You might be disappointed to know that you don’t get reports of site traffic. This isn’t the end of the world, though – you can use the web stat app for free. It tells you the location, browser, and computer users used to access your site.


The platform uses unstructured editing, but this isn’t true for its blog editor. It’s exactly like the editors’ other web hosts – you can write as well as embed images and content.

There are 8 layouts for you to choose from. We’re fans of its magazine set-up.

There are many useful features for blog posts. These include view counters and read-time estimates. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to line up articles to post in the future. You’ll have to save your drafts and publish them when you want to.

You don’t get Accelerated Mobile Pages. However, their mobile sites are fast enough for Google.

We also think their blog editor looks good. Wix did a good job creating a smooth-layout.


If you have used Wix a few years ago, Google may not have supported your site. This is primarily as flash was used. The platform also had less-than-great URL structures. You’d see random characters in them, which was thankfully fixed in 2016.

The company knows they had a bad reputation for SEO. To distance themselves from their past, they partnered with Rand Fishkin. He’s known as the world’s best SEO specialist.

In terms of SEO-use today, everything you’d want is available. We especially like the fact that you can connect to Google Webmaster Tools.


The web-builder offers a myriad of features. This includes everything you’d use to build a website – boxes, menus, buttons, and navigation features.

What’s great about the platform is that it offers features you normally wouldn’t come across. This is true for its Repeaters feature. It acts as a database. There’s a bit more to it, of course. We looked around and we believe that Wix is the only builder that offers it. We love using it to make notes of staff.

There’s an app market for you to utilize as well. There are around 300 applications available. If you didn’t guess, they include additional features. Some of them are free but many will cost you. We’re not too happy about some of them being on the expensive side. But we love that the app market is easy to maneuver.


Depending on the host you’re using, the uptime of your site would defer. Uptime measures how reliable your site is – how long it has successfully been running. You want a percentage that is close to 100%. After some tests, we found that our Wix site had an uptime of 99.8%. It’s as good as you can get. This was done through Pingdom.

The speed of the site would influence whether people will use it or not. When tested through tools like Pingdom, its load time came in at 1.5s. It isn’t the fastest, but it’s not the worst. You usually want speeds less than a second.


As a retail store, you can’t work with just any web-builder. Your options need to have features that will help your business. Wix offers item options, tax and shipping guidelines, coupon codes, and the absence of transaction fees. It regularly updates its features for e-commerce sites. You couldn’t edit email receipts until recently, but this was fixed.

The service provider will get the job done, but is it the best? Not really. The ultimate name for retail stores would be Shopify. We recommend the former if you’re new to the game.

Customer Support

They are amazing. But you may face an issue at some point in time. When this happens, know that Wix’s support team is great. You can contact them through phone and email. They’re helpful and informative. The web-builder has an information desk too. It covers a range of questions thoroughly.

As they run their own servers, they make sure that everything is intact. If there is an issue with your site, they’re most likely on it. If you want a problem fixed and contact support, you could get Wix to fix it for you – they run a proprietary platform.

Their email support was quick to reply. Not a lot of its competitors can say this. When contacting their customer support, don’t expect 24/7 help. They only work from 5 am to 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time), on weekdays. Their knowledge center is always available, though.

Final Thoughts

Wix is a web-hosting service with a great reputation. It has over 100 million users from 190 different countries. This means that it has many standards to live up to. So, it’s constantly improving itself.

It doesn’t offer bad prices, but there are more competitive hosts out there. You could utilize Wix’s services for free, but you’ll have limited features and Google won’t approve of your site. The service wasn’t the best for SEO, mainly due to the inclusion of flash, but this changed. It is suitable for e-commerce sites, but there are better ones out there.

If you’re from Australia, there is something you need to keep in mind – you won’t be able to add .au to your site. You’ll have to work with a third-party domain registrar to get this done.

Overall, its features are impressive. We love that you get over 500 templates to work with.